Arms of War: Lineage is being designed around a single theme; your family. The main concept around this is to grow your power by increasing the power of your lineage. The main factor preventing you from increasing the power of your lineage is time. Unlike most games where you take the role of a central character, in Lineage you take the role of the head of the family. As your current head of the family grows old, you'll pick a new heir to carry on the legacy. Even though your hero has retired in this world, their job has not ended yet. These heroes will be remembered and summoned as champions within Arms of War: Generals. As they are invoked, you’ll receive rewards from their actions within Generals.

In Lineage as each heir ascends to the head of the family, you'll have options with different traits to pick from. By picking the most useful traits you’ll be able to increase its potency and pass this on to your next generation, empowering the bloodline and allowing you to become stronger, richer, or even conquer aging itself. As you grow older and stronger, you’ll be able to provide more power to the trait when you eventually retire and pass it on to the next generation. Each generation will also have the option to pass on items as heirlooms to their offspring. These are the equipment that were obtained by generations of descendants for use in their road to power. Any equipment not passed down to the family will be broken down into materials; which can be use in the crafting and enhancement of your equipment or sold in the market.

As the new head of the family, you'll need to plan out the best route in order to develop your family to reach new heights. In order to help you succeed you'll have many tools available to you. Your estate will be managed by your family giving you advantages for all generations to come; as well as many other options for both community and personal growth. You'll also have some options to betray the community trust for your own personal gain, which come with great risks but great rewards. In order to obtain resources for upgrading your estate you’ll need to obtain wood, metal, and stone; which can collect on the land of your estate or purchased on the market. You’ll need to find a good balance between upgrading your combat abilities and harvesting the resources to allow your family to thrive.

As head of the family, you will be able to enter combat. Each member of the family will train in a class, gaining skills and abilities to either become unmovable defenders, agile hunters, or powerful magicians. As a family trains in each class, their affinity to it increases, providing access to obtain and enhance more powerful skills. As affinities in one or more classes reach specific levels, you’ll be able to unlock other classes, granting a different set of abilities, or different bonuses to your combat stats. Join your allies and fight together in fields and dungeons to increase your power and advance to higher fields, using strategic combinations to empower each other.