In this article, it's best that you read in the voice of Sir David Attenborough, as we're exploring some of the lore behind certain creatures. No, this isn't a fluff article because I ran out of things to write about. I wouldn't do that. At all.

Special thanks to my artist HighLanderPony for some of the Tikuma lore.


They're very strange, these creatures of Egg Trainer - they can interbreed with each other regardless of shape and size, and even produce offspring that do not resemble the parent creatures at all. And stranger still, they all come from eggs. They also seem to have "elemental types" and "rarities" which affect the shape and hatching time of their eggs. Listed here are just a handful of these strange, marvelous creatures, and their common behaviors.

Slink, and the psychic egg

The slink is quite possibly the ultimate ambush predator. It's cute, furry head draws in those unsuspecting of it's true nature, while it's lithe body and venomous fangs make short work of those who stray too close. It's deceptive nature certainly earns it a place among the psychic types.

Due to the thin layer of fuzz that covers their bodies, they can survive quite well in colder climates, where snake-like creatures (and those who prey on them) are hard to come by. Meanwhile, it's cat-like head and seemingly affectionate behaviors sometimes lead to it being kept as pets in some more remote parts of the world - however, the practice of defanging and devenoming a slink is quite painful for the creature, and modern experts implore would-be owners to leave the handling of the dangerous creatures to experts.


Pixi, with the fae egg

Pixis are a nuisance no matter where they appear. Growing to the size of a human hand, they can often squeeze into nooks and crannies, and set up nests that are a hazard to one's safety. A nest of pixis is best dispatched quickly and efficiently, before the effects of "fae dust" take hold. If the well known properties of fae dust takes hold, your best option is to strap down the affected object to prevent it from floating away.

Low in intelligence, they nonetheless feature in many a child's bedtime story, where their mischievous natures are the cause of grief to some medieval settlement. Some stories, however attribute more than their fair share of sense to them, with one notable story bearing a protagonist who is half-pixi, granting him supernatural powers.


Tikuma, with the fire egg

Similar in appearance to a floating tiki head, this quick tempered creature burns with spiritual flames when threatened. It usually lays dormant in the sands or grounds around places of worship; treasure hunters often provoke it while attempting to alleviate it of its precious, and valuable, forehead jewel. Said jewel can be one of several kinds of gems, and is linked to the primary color of it's flame.

Certain times of the year are celebrated as holy among the peoples where Tikuma reside. At these times, many Tikuma gather from across the lands to reproduce in what can only be called a dance ritual. Massive burning circular structures fill the skies, while the people sing traditional songs to praise the creatures above. In the morning, the people climb the hills and mountains to find vast arrays of fire eggs stacked neatly in nests of soil.


Predatore, and the metal egg

This rare and beautiful bird of prey has seen dwindling numbers in recent years, due to the encroachment of human habitation. Coming in a vast variety of crystalline colors, this rocky bird has no difficulty flying despite it's weight. The forests and mountains that make up it's home dictate the colors of it's feathers, based on the minerals in the ground.

Predatores live extremely long lives, but they only lay one egg at a time, and care for the young for several years. This hampers conservation efforts that have been trying to boost their numbers. There does seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel though, as introducing specific kinds of rare stones into one's environment will often grant the offspring a duller, more stealthy sheen.

Season Long

Season Long (fall foliage), and the dragon egg

At last, we come to the master of the skies, the true emperor of all it sees, and protector of the seasons - the Season Long. This creature is so in tune with it's environment, any imbalances to nature cause this dragon to enter a ceaseless rage. Few in number, they're the only one on this list to bear the "mythic" rarity. The discovery of a previously unknown Season Long often makes headlines around the world - the last such discovery was twenty years ago.

It's horns are in fact living trees, which sprout new foliage in the spring and wilt in the fall, in preparation for winter. "To be granted a springtime flower" is said to be blessed by a Season Long, as the flowers that bloom in the springtime are believed to be a panacea when brewed into a tea.


It's not every day you come across one of these creatures, and it's best to leave their care and maintenance to experts. In recent times, individuals known as "Egg Trainers" have appeared, who have seemingly mastered the art of training these beautiful beasts to fight. Whether you aspire to join their ranks, or wish to admire them from the sidelines, I implore you to remember, these creatures are living beings, and deserve just as much respect as your fellow man. Alas, I fear my pleas will fall on deaf ears.

My name is Kayne Ruse of KR Game Studios, you can find me on the net as Ratstail91, often pretending to narrate nature documentaries.

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