At last we have the results of our annual survey conducted in February. With 130 responses, we came in just under last year but with a lot less marketing. This year we also modified a bunch of the questions to refine them in an effort to create a more accurate picture of the PBBG landscape.

As always, here is the link to the raw data if you'd like to crunch it yourself. If you'd like to help us create a better survey, please join us on the PBBG Discord server.

This year's data crunching came to us by our resident benevolent data helper, @rodrigo.borges#4172 on Discord. Thanks! Without further ado, I present the results of this year's survey;

How long have you been playing PBBGs?
What additional platforms to browsers are important to you when starting a new game?
How many PBBG games are you currently playing?
What single player features will make you MORE likely to play a new game?
How often do you prefer to interact with your games?
How often do you like your game reset?
What best represents how complicated do you prefer your games?
What multiplayer features will make you more likely to play a new game?
What best represents your preferences for premium currency in a game?
What customizable features of a game do you enjoy most?
How graphical do you prefer your games?
What community resources do you use/are a member of?

And this year, our data expert has put together correlated charts to help understand what some of the groups of people prefer.

That's all folks, see you next year!